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24 is a series broadcasted on the Tengaged website. Each season, consisting of 24 episodes, showcases the events of one 24 hour day. Each episode represents one hour of that day. The main plot of the series focused around counter strikes against terriost plots, government corruption, and other conspiracies against America.

Season 1

Plot: A phone call comes in informing the Counter Terriost Unit (CTU) of a terriost attack happening that morning. Believing the attack is planned for TCA, they alert Caleb Carico, an undercover field agent, who attends the school. After several attacks happen before they can be stopped, Caleb soon realizes the day's events are not just against America, but more specifically against certain individuals in particular.


Caleb: The main character of the series, who is 16 years old in Season 1. He attends TCA, a classical school, where he is secretly working for a government agency. Throughout the series he proves to have a mix of character traits from self awareness, to aggressivess, to heroism.

Nelda: Caleb's early mentor who works a head position at the Counter Terriost Unit (CTU). Nelda serves as a helping hand in the organization, but can be extremely against some of the policies.

Mike: A by the book, chill worker at CTU. He also helps field agents but follows orders as often as possible.

Spencer: The strict leader of CTU that makes sure his word is law. However, he can be moved easily to second guess himself.

Sam: A kid who also attends TCA and is known as a friend of Caleb, but distant. After the events of Season 1 take place however, the two grow closer and eventually become partners in the field.

Kaitlyn: A student at TCA who is briefly shown at the start of Season 1. It seems she is just an average student until the backpack, which caused trouble earlier on, proves to actually be connected to her in a more suspicious way than expected.

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